To combat the spread of COVID-19 in PA, the HCCD staff will be working remotely when possible for 14 days, as directed by Governor Wolf and the Huntingdon County Commissioners declarations. We hope to return to the office on Tuesday, March 31. At this time, we will be checking regular mail and email. We will also have access to our office voicemail, so callers may leave a message in order for us to call you back from home. Please be aware that our calls may show up on caller ID as a blocked or anonymous number.

Email will be the best way to contact us over the next 2 weeks. You can find our email addresses on (click on the "About" tab).

Meetings will be limited during this time as well. Our staff will be reaching out to anyone with meetings scheduled over the next 2 weeks to either confirm or reschedule the meetings.  Our office doors will be locked and only accessible by appointment. Thank you for your understanding as this situation unfolds.  We will post updates as they occur.

We are still conducting field work and even preparing some virtual field trips for students who are going to miss upcoming field trips. Stay tuned and stay healthy!

Celina Seftas | District Manager


What is a Conservation District?

Conservation Districts work with the farming community, municipalities, other environmental agencies, and private landowners to promote the wise use of our natural resources while enhancing water quality. We act as unique units of government, since we operate as both a legal subdivision of the state government and as local organization. We receive funding and other assistance from local, state, federal, and private agencies and organizations to carry out a variety of conservation programs in Huntingdon County. Most importantly, we represent local citizens and are responsible to them.  

Our Mission Statement

The Huntingdon County Conservation District was organized to provide for the conservation of soil and water resources, assist in watershed protection and flood prevention, preserve woodland and wildlife, protect public lands, preserve the tax base, and to protect and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the people. We have proudly served Huntingdon County since July 28, 1955.

Our Vision Statement

The Huntingdon County Conservation District will work proactively as a Guardian of natural resources in Huntingdon County, working cooperatively with others through education, service, stewardship, and communication to produce measurable improvement in environmental quality.