In October 2011, DEP revised the Manure Management Manual to require all landowners in Pennsylvania that produce or apply animal manure to develop and implement a written Manure Management Plant (MMP). This revision includes equine operations (large and small) as well as small animal operations. Operations with pastures or Animal Concentration Areas (ACAs) are also required to comply. Conservation Districts are required by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to reach out to all agricultural operations, including operations importing manure and/or generating manure within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and inform them of their regulatory obligations.

The Huntingdon Conservation District staff are willing to help you complete your Manure Management Plan. Our goal is to visit 25 farms/year to educate farms/year to educate farmers/landowners with animals about the need for nutrient management and Manure Management Planning. Another goal is to provide a Manure Management Plan for every farmer in a 303(d)-listed watershed utilizing student interns from Juniata College and Penn State University. To see if you are within a 303(d)-listed watershed, please click here. We will assist you in identifying environmentally sensitive areas, application setbacks, animal concentration areas, and other regulatory requirements. HCCD can also provide you with information to improve your operation at a low cost. Please contact our Chesapeake Bay/Nutrient Management Technician, Jonathan Yoder for more information.

If you decide to complete the MMP on your own, please see the document links below for assistance. To create maps of your property visit PAOneStop (below).

Click here for a complete overview of the Manure Management Guidelines.